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Boost Your Immune System & Eliminate your Herpes Outbreaks with the H-clr Cleansing Program. For Less Than $1 Per Day ($24.16 per month) Take Control and Make 2021 an Outbreak Free Year with our Money Back Guarantee!

Spread the Word Not the Virus! Since there is no cure for herpes, the next best thing is controlling your outbreaks naturally. Our customers are outbreak free after boosting their immune system with the H-clr one year cleansing program. *Results vary per person.

This amazing Herbal Dietary Supplement can be effective against Controlling Herpes, Genital Herpes, Vaginal Herpes, Cold Sores, Shingles, HSV1, HSV2, Colds and Flu Outbreaks by boosting your body's immune system and naturally restoring your body's resistance to all these virus's.

Unfortunately there is no cure for herpes but You Can control the amount of Outbreaks and You Can boost your immune system in order to be Outbreak Free!  Our 1 year cleansing program is much more affordable compared to prescription medications which costs hundreds & thousands of dollars a year that also can have many side effects.

See below on how our Anti Viral product works. We have a money back Guarantee, and we ship daily to Australia,New Zealand USA, Canada & Europe. Try the one year Cleansing Program and make 2021 an Outbreak Free Year! Your Money Back Guaranteed!

What is the natural approach to ending outbreaks?

The scientific study group that first discovered the "Fungal host," formulated an all natural supplement to combat these parasites. That formula was licensed to H-clr. It's a combination of anti viral herbs which restores the body's natural defenses, so that it controls the HSV and its fungal host. H-clr is made of Natural Organic Herbs. As it restores the body's natural defenses, people have reported much more resistance to a large range of viruses as well as the herpes fungal host. H-clr acts like your own personal Immune Booster. It energizes your body's defenses to relentlessly search out HSV1 and HVS2 and control it.

Step 1 : The 30 day Cleanse

Just take 2 capsules 3 times daily for the first 30 days (we call this, the 30 day cleanse). If you wish you can take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening.

Step 2 : The Eleven Month Maintenance

Then 1 to 4 capsules every morning to stimulate your immune system for eleven months (we call this the maintenance).
This H-clr Maintenance Plan is as follows:
For less frequent cases 2-3 outbreaks/year, take 1 capsule/day for 11 month maintenance.
For people with 4-6 outbreaks/year, take 2 capsules/day for 11 months.
For people with 7-11 outbreaks/year, take 3 capsules/day for 11 months.
For people with 12+ outbreaks/year, take 4 capsules/day for 11 months.
H-clr's Anti Viral Herbs take 30 days to 3 months to start to take effect, so you will see fewer and fewer outbreaks until you may experience no further outbreaks (usually in about 6 months).
After the twelve-month program, the integrity of your outbreak sites should be restored, then you may discontinue H-clr or continue to keep boosting your immune system.
Nature never intended for you to support these terrible parasites, so nature has provided the answer to your problem. H-clr provides a natural approach to controlling outbreaks.

Results vary by user.

The Active Ingredients

Burdock root, Ashwanganda root, Echinacea Pur. root, Hydrangea root, Ginger root, Astragalus root. Our herbs are organic, and come with a certificate of lab analysis. Organic herbs, come with no pesticides, hormones, and no biologically altered herbs are used in H-clr.

Thanks for Visiting H-clr.com, "Spread the Word, not the Virus" All orders will be shipped discreetly with no mention of the word Herpes on the package.

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H-clr Anti Viral Herbs

H-clr is made of a natural organic blend of anti viral herbs that naturally restores your body's resistance to the Herpes Simplex Virus by boosting your immune system. Clients using H-clr have fewer outbreaks as their immune system gets stronger and are now Outbreak Free! There is no cure for Herpes, but controlling your outbreaks naturally is the next best thing.

Since 2002, over 40,000 people have chosen to use H-clr. They have used H-clr for the 12-month recommended program. That 12-month program only cost them less than $25 per month. Ask yourself, are you paying $189/week for Valtrex or $67/week for Acyclovir for the rest of your life? Have you considered your yearly prescription costs for these drugs, $2000+/year!

We have heard back from thousands of customers that have completed their 12-month program and are reporting to us that they are now outbreak free! We can’t and don't call H-clr a cure, but our results speak for themselves.

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